Various Prop

All replicas you can see in these pictures are inspired from various movie.

Name: Sarednab "Walk of Fame"
Author: Unknown
Description: The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of more than 2,400 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California. This is a replica with my name ;) (thanks to Alessandro Martinelli)
Name: COW Challenge Coin
Author: Unknown
Description: This coins was made in the past for the board "Club Obi Wan - COW". Now it is very rare! Design is fantastic. 2 different type was produced, first with username engraved on it and the second without username engraved. This is without username engraved. A BIG thanks to GeordieIndy for his present! Thanks Andy!
Name: RPF Challenge Coin
Author: Markpoon
Description: The coin size is 40mm x 3mm, die struck in metal with silver finish. The atomic dremel guy is in full color. This was produced in the "Replica Prop Forum - RPF" board.
Name: Batman Begins Prop
Author: Markpoon
Description: This is a prop-lot for Batman! You can see 2 face coin and Batarang.
Name: Hannibal Lecter FBI File
Author: Walter
Description: Fantastic FBI file for Hannibal Lecter! Many many documents based on the movies are filled in this file! FBI wanted poster-legal sized, Hannibal Lecter summary file, Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles data printout, FBI fingerprint card, Letters from Dr. Chilton to Jack Crawford, Copy of Lecter letter to Starling (Hannibal), FBI evidence log for Lecter letter to Starling, Lecter audio transcription, Authentic folder, appropriately labeled, Photo of Lecter wallet contents including passport, Photo of Lecter's alias passport, Recent articles of a possible Lecter sighting, Vintage Time magazine article on Dr. Lecter with cover, Lecter X-rays, Order of the Baltimore Court - the Lecter sentence, Arrest record and many others!!!
Name: Indiana Jones World Map by Matt Busch
Author: Matt Busch
Description: Years in the making, Matt Busch is proud to unveil the illustrated Indiana Jones World Map! Perfect timing, being the 30th Anniverary of Indiana Jones this year. Authorized through Lucasfilm and all proceeds from the sale of this print go to American disabled veterans. The map shows all of the locations that Indiana Jones has made archeological discoveries- not just the movies- the novels, the comic books, the Young Indy TV shows, the video games, and more. There are 36 different archeological artifacts displayed, each illustrated where Indy discovered it, and numbered chronologically. 3 Legend sections list info on the artifacts, including name, city and country, year, title of the story the artifact was discovered in, followed by symbols. The Key chart lets you decipher those symbols for each artifact to see how the story was presented, be it film, novel, TV Episode, etc... In many cases, these stories have been delivered in multiple platforms. In other words, "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" was at first designed as a video game, but later developed as a comic book, too... In each of the four corners, Busch illustrated an exotic stone relief carving, each representing a cultural motif from one of the four Indiana Jones feature films. The print measures a whopping 24" X 36" (fit for a world map!) and easy to frame in any standard movie poster size frame. All prints are signed and numbered (limited edition of 255) by Matt Busch.
Name: Poster "Sarednab and the Quest for the Grail Diary"
Author: Kredepops
Description: Fantastic custom poster created by an artist on rpf.
Name: Poster "Sarednab and the Quest for the Lost Forum IGI"h
Author: Kredepops
Description: Fantastic custom poster created by an artist on rpf.
Name: X-Men First Class Nazi Coin
Author: Markpoon
Description: Coin from the movie "X-Men - First Class".
Name: RPF Lapel Pin
Author: MattMunson
Description: A lapel pin with the rpf logo on it!