National Treasure Props

Name: Masonic Medallion
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: Shown in several scenes in National Treasure, this large medallion represents one of the links to the past between the Freemasons, Knights Templar and Founding Fathers of the United States. Copied carefully from the original prop, this coin is die-struck, not cast, to ensure the highest possible detail. Measuring a large 3.5" in diameter, the front of the medallion shows an unfinished pyramid with thirteen steps along with other Masonic symbols.
Name: Meerschaum Pipe & Box
Author: RelicMaker
Description: This historical artifact held the first clue in a series of clues in unravelling a legend of a treasure beyond all imagining. A treasure that had been fought over for centuries by tyrants, pharaohs, emperors, and warlords. Every time it changed hands it grew even larger. And then suddenly, it vanished and didn't reappear for more than a thousand years, when knights from the First Crusade discovered secret vaults beneath the Temple of Solomon. The knights who found the vaults believed that the treasure was too great for any one man - not even a king. They brought the treasure back to Europe and took the name "the Knights Templar". Over the next century they smuggled it out of Europe and they formed a new brotherhood called the Freemasons, in honour of the builders of the great temple. War followed, and by the time of the American Revolution, the treasure had been hidden again. By then the Masons included George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Paul Revere. They knew they had to make sure the treasure would never fall into the hands of the British. So they devised a series of clues and maps to its location. Over time the clues were lost or forgotten, until only one remained - and that clue was entrusted to a young Thomas Gates by Charles Carroll. The clue was an old piece of scrap paper, which had written on it, "The secret lies with Charlotte." Charlotte turned out to be the name of a great sail ship, and on that ship lied the next clue, which was this "Meerschaum Pipe" contained within this "Pipe Box".
Name: Campaign Case + Medals
Author: MurdocXXL (Case) & TazVader (all medals)
Description: These are perfect replica of the case used in the movie. On this case there are all era medals.
Name: Gift Red Box + G.Washington medal
Author: Unknown (Box) & TazVader (G.W. Medal)
Description: This is a Jewel Gift Box very similar to the one used in the movie. Inside box you can find the same medal seen in the movie.
Name: The Declaration of Independence (replica from Museum)
Author: Official Washington Museum Replica
Description: This is the official reproduction of the Declaration of Indipendence seen in the museum! Difference? It cost in the movie 35$ but in reality it cost 8$, eheheh. Thanks to thegreatgalling!
Name: The Declaration of Independence
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: The main prop in the film National Treasure, was the American icon, The Declaration of Independence. I have replicated this piece of history by using high resolution scans of both the original Declaration and the 1823 engraving made by William J. Stone. By using both scans, I was able to get the clarity of the later engraving while maintaining the faded, aged appearance of the hand-written original. The back is blank as well, but the same clues can be seen by shining ultraviolet light it. The large cross, filled with Masonic imagery was drawn by hand using a special invisible ink, combining several of the clues seen in the film. In the upper right corner is the Masonic compass and square, followed by the long Ottendorf cipher.
Name: Receipt for Declaration of Indipendence
Author: Sarednab
Description: Replica of the 35$ receipt for the DoI.
Name: Grey Plastic Tube
Author: Unknown
Description: Replica of the grey plastic tube used to carried declaration of indipendence.
Name: Ben Gates Wallet Documents
Author: dbcooper
Description: This fantastic reproduction of the wallet stuff seen in the movie was made by the very talented dbcooper. These documents included 2 credit cards, driver license and other stuff, all screen accurate.
Name: Security Camera Surveilance Flyer
Author: Unknown
Description: This flyer was print by police to find who stolen the Declaration of Indipendence.
Name: FBI Wanted Flyer "ORIGINAL"
Author: Ross MacDonald
Description: This flyer was never seen in the movie but it was create for production. This is one of the original flyers created for the movie. Thanks to Ross MacDonald.
Name: 100$ Banknote
Author: Sarednab
Description: This is the 100$ banknote used in the movie to find the "correct hour" in the tower!
Name: Masonic Brick
Author: Unknown
Description: This is a perfect replica of the masonic brick contained the Ocular Device Glasses. This brick is made out of Floral Foam. Prop-Maker carved out the back, symbol, and roughed it up. Then a layer of modge podge to seal it. Acrylic paints, and a black acrylic paint wash, white acrylic highlights and then another layer of modge podge to seal it.
Name: Ocular Device Glasses
Author: Tripoli
Description: "The Vision to See the Treasured Past, Comes as the timely shadow crosses in front of the house of Pass and Stow." This Glasses was used to see the hidden code on the back of the Declaration of Indipendence.
Name: Silence Dogood Letters (Set of 9)
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: Set of 9 letters from National Treasure written by Benjamin Franklin, all typeset by hand using a period hand-writing font, to match both the original props and the text of the original Silence Dogood letters, professionally printed in brown ink and carefully aged and weathered.
Name: Thomas Gates desk Documents "ORIGINAL"
Author: Ross MacDonald
Description: These are many documents and paper props used in the movie and placed on the desk of Thomas Gates in the opening scene. Thanks to Ross MacDonald!
Name: Booth Diary Burned Page "ORIGINAL"
Author: Ross MacDonald
Description: This is a prop from National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Ed Harris's character holds up a burned page - one of the missing pages from Booth's diary - during a lecture given by Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage). This was made by the original artist that made this prop for the movie, Ross MacDonald. It have Certificate of Authenticity, hand printed letterpress from 19th century type.
Name: "Missing Page Discovered" newspaper
Author: Jedyfyfe
Description: This is the newspaper seen in the beginning of the movie, after the burned page was discovered.
Name: The Resolute Olmec Planks
Author: Hotshot
Description: This is a perfect replica of the planks seen in the movie. In National Treasure 2 only 1 plank was find cause the second one, according to the Book of Secrets, was destroyed. Planks are cast in a light resin and foam, so they look, feel and even sound like wood.
Name: Riley Poole's Book Pages
Author: Unknown
Description: This page was taken from the Book written by Riley. It say that exist one secret book... The Book of Secrets!
Name: Mt. Vernon Map
Author: Stefan Jones and MurdocXXL
Description: A real detailed replica and very close to the original. A true work of art by 2 German artist!
Name: Cibola Gold Coin "ORIGINAL"
Author: Jack M. Sell
Description: Original Gold Coin used to complete set for Cibola Treasure!
Name: T. Gates Civil War Hero "Newspaper"
Author: Jedyfyfe
Description: This newspaper was showed by President to Ben at the end of the movie.