Book of Secrets - ORIGINAL

Name: Book of Secrets - ORIGINAL
Movie: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
Author: Ross MacDonald
Description: This is the original Book of Secrets made by Ross MacDonald (thanks!) for "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets"!
No words is necessary to describe it... maybe only one: Unbelieveble!!!!

President's Book of Secrets!
Civil War era buttons!
Details for texture on leather
Book is fatter compared to the one used in the movie cause it is full of inserts. Many of them was added during production!
The embossed seal!
Opening the Book...
This is the first entry by G. Washington
All entry was aged in different way.
Some other pages... details is incredible in this Book!
Near to 1900... ink start to be more visible!
Do you know this page?!
Details for this important page!
Another Famous page!
Tons of inserts in this Book!
Other inserts for Area51!
Kennedy's Assassination!
Book of Secrets and his Certificate of Authenticity
Details for the Certificate of Authenticity