Book of Secrets

Name: Book of Secrets
Movie: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets
Author: Sarednab and TazVader
Description: The book that doesn't officially exist, 222 pages of the secret musings, confessions, and accusations of U.S. Presidents from Washington to the present day, too outrageous to ever be made public. Ben Gates needed to have a look at the book in order to find the City of Gold and thereby restore his ancestor Thomas Gates' good name, but the only way to get to it was by kidnapping the President. First president that written his entry on this Book of Secrets was the first American President... George Washington! Every presidents written his entry until George Bush. This project take 2 years to be completed! There are 44 different and selected fonts, one for each president. Every font was selected after hard study on the original handwritting of every president! One such detail that came to light through our co-operation was that since the BoS is a book began around 1800 or so... the ink can't still be black! I studied many types of different "pre-aging" on text studying old documents and modern paper! In our BoS you'll find 3 different accurate ink effects:
1 - Iron Ink (oldest brown ink, from 1800 to 1900)
2 - Black Ink
3 - Blue Ink
I use a particular technique to age the text according to what original historical documents using the same inks now look like. Every page have a different "pre-aging" process, that's mean that I age EVERY SINGLE PAGE different from the next! The paper used in this version is THE SAME paper as used in the original prop![ This paper is very very expensive (it is sold in "sheets" not by the pack!). I don't think it's necessary to add anything else... you can't find a more accurate paper cause this IS THE paper!
Regarding the cover... we can open a new chapter for the HIGH QUALITY cover that we choose for our BoS! The author of our cover is the German Artiste MurdocXXL! He is a true genius and I think that he has created one of the most accurate covers yet seen! Only High quality materias have been used and alot of experimentation has gone into their creation. They include correct em bossed seal, size, measurements etc are just like the original prop! Even the Buttons are original brass military buttons!
Inserts include: maps, newspapers, photos, secret envelopes, a key, etc... for a total of 160 inserts!!! Things you can learn from the Book:

Things you can learn from the Book:

Which President foresaw both the sinking of the Titanic and the Hindenburg disaster in visions?
For that matter, is the Titanic still at the bottom of the North Atlantic? Was it ever?
When was the first UFO actually found and suppressed by the U.S. Government?
Who really killed Lizzie Borden's parents?
Which President created the Covert Extraterrestrial Branch of the Secret Service?
What actually happened at the Tunguska event? And how does it relate to the Titanic?
What's the origin of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot legend?
How did Hitler actually survive the Stauffenberg assassination attempt?
Why did a flight of Navy torpedo bombers disappear over the Bermuda triangle in 1945?
And how did it relate to the rash of UFO sightings in the 50s and 60s?
What really happened at Roswell?
What's the double deception behind Kennedy's assassination?
What was the real reason for the My Lai massacre?
What was on the missing 18 1/2 minutes of the Nixon Watergate tapes?
Which President was secretly the Grand Wizard of the KKK while in office?
Which President's bid for re-election was defeated in a silent coup d├ętat?
What's on page 47? ;)
Details: - More than 220 pages of secrets included in the Book!
- High quality leather cover with embossed seal on it
- Real brass buttons of the Civil War (pre-aged)
- More than 160 inserts (original and invented) all based on real documents, maps, newspaper, etc..
- 44 different fonts selected according the real handwrittings of the various presidents
- Top quality paper, the same used in the original screen used Book of Secrets
- The pages really look handwritten. And the oldest pages look like the ink is really fading away.

President's Book of Secrets!
The embossed seal! Great work on it!
Original Brass Buttons!
Various inserts for Kennedy's Assassination
Various inserts for Aliens and Area51
Again, this fantastic Book of Secrets!
Leather lace and the sew buttons
Old United States map
The first page of the Book!
First entry for this Book, made by the first American president: George Washington!
Details for the aging of the edges
Beautiful paper for this Book
Charlotte... do you remember this???
Details for aging... the ink is really fading away
General Albert Pike
One of the pages seen in the movie
Real newspaper created for this Book!
Lincoln's assassination... Booth's pictures and other documents
This is the brown iron ink
Vintage Key for the Resolute desk!
Blue ink started at 1900!
This is the Olmec Plank picture
Mount Rushmore and a coin from the hidden City of Gold
This is the famous Spear of Destiny!
Roosvelt's documents for Alien Crash in 1947
Aliens documents
Original envelope and Roswell documents
Kennedy's assassination!
Entry that explain Kennedy's death
Water Fuel Cell... can be real?
Marylin Monroe's secret autopsy
Kennedy's documents
This Book does not exist!
Presidential gold wax seal!