The Memoirs of Indiana Jones (from 1940 to 1950)

Name: The Memoirs of Indiana Jones (from 1940 to 1950)
Movie: No Movies
Author: Steerpike and Marsella Pasquale "Sarednab"
Description: "The Memoirs of Indiana Jones" is a diary, or better, a 'field journal' written by Indiana in his darker - in many senses - years of his life and career, the decade 1940-1949. It's a journal that contains thoughts, field reports, adventures and travels. It covers all the '40s: I chose this era just because we have so few infos, that it appear very challenging to me, and if we think deeply we do have a lot of books (many languages), videogames, roleplaying games, comics, and a lot of historical fact Indy is involved with. My preliminar work consisted in research, study of all the published material, related to this period. The diary will contain inside inserts, aged photos, with Indy and his friends of that period, war time, advetures, etc. The diary will be around 240 pages, leather cover, full of inserts, maps, WWII documents, and an inside pocket containing historical photos, featuring Indy an other characters, fictional and from the real life. The Indy's adventures featured in the diary are strictly conform to the official Indiana Jones releases. The diary will cover from 1940 to 1949, included all the Indy's year war, recreating hi career as spy for FBI first, then Army Intelligence, and then OSS. And a lot of origial stories, created joining the historical facts, with the Indy cronology correspondence. We'll meet again the old Imam, Henry Sr., Sophia Hapgood, Willie Scott, Colonel Musgrove, Mac, Oxley, General Ross, and many others.
Featuring in the diary:

The Sargasso Pirates, Dark Horse comic
The Staff of Kings, Lucasarts video game
Into the Great Unknown, Star Wars Tales 19
Skull Duggery!, Indiana Jones and The Lost Treasures magazine, UK
The Dance of Dead, Dark Horse comic, unpublished
Das Erbe Von Avalon, Goldmann novel
The Golden Fleece, Dark Horse comic
Das Labyrinth des Horus, Goldmann novel
Das Schwert des Dschingis Khan, Goldmann novel
The Pyramid of the Sorcerer, Scholastic novel
The Mystery of Mount Sinai, Scholastic novel
Das Geheimnis der Oserinseln, Goldmann novel
Das Gold Von El Dorado, Goldmann novel
Army of Dead, Steve Perry novel
Das Verschwundene Volk, Goldmann novel
The Treasure of Monte Cassana, Indiana Jones Adventure magazine, UK
The World of Indiana Jones, role playing game, West End
The Spear of Destiny, Dark Horse comic
The Golden Vampires, role playing game, West End
The Iron Phoenix, Dark Horse comic
The Infernal Machine, Lucasarts video game
The Temple of Yearning, Dark Horse comic
The Tomb of the Templar, role playing game, West End
The Mask of the Elephant, 'Find Your Fate' gamebook series
The Mystery of the Blues, Young Indy tv series
Details: - More than 200 pages of adventures told by Indiana Jones
- Black soft high quality leather cover
- Over 55 inserts, all dating back to original documents of the time
- This diary measures about 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" (the exact measurements of the prop used in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)
- Very high details in every page
- High quality paper (104gsm)

Piece of an American Flag used by Indy to wrap his journal
Package in detail
A fantastic black leather cover
Military tags are under the black elastic band
Details for tag!
As you can see, many inserts was created for this jornal!
Ericsson's Ax and Langobard Shield pages
A map used by Indy for Vilcabamba stories!
Indy's adventure in Bolivia
A newspaper from the beginning of the Second World War
A picture for Indy with a unusual Jacket!
This is 38. Excalibur
A new map draw by Indy
Atlantis? Again? ;)
A very important symbolic page!
A Bill Donovan's picture!
Something about El Dorado
A big tarantula
Back in Italy for the Monte Cassino Caliche
The Big Red One motto with the military 1st division patch
Jones in Sicily with a Italian newspaper
A "strange" spear
Adventure for the Grail... again!?
A newspaper say that Hitler dead!
A draw for an old man!
The Crystal Skull legend...
A new map with some important symbol!
The Nazi Eagle
Dead Nazi people lives again....
Teotihuacan Temple drawn
Ufo? Can be real?!
Temple of Yearning drawn
A 1300 a.c. letter
This is... Indy!