Jurassic Park

All replicas you can see in these pictures are inspired from the movie "Jurassic Park"

Name: Hammond Mosquito Cane
Author: Prop-Builder
Description: This is the Mosquito Hammond Canes from the Jurassic Park movie. It was cast in resin and reinforced by a metal steel rod with rubber tip ferrule one end, and a genuine large mosquito in the amber egg topper. The cane shaft had been sculpted just like the original prop and painted to mimic the dry bone effect.
Name: Velociraptor and Raptor Egg Laboratory Version
Author: Prop-Builder
Description: Replica of the eggs seen in the first movie and in the third movie.
Name: Plate
Author: Unknown
Description: Replica of plate with the JP logo.
Name: Tour Brochure
Author: Prop-Builder
Description: This is a Tour Brochure contained the map and the information for the Jurassic Park.
Name: Cryo Can
Author: Rylo
Description: Fully fuctional replica of the Cryo Can carried in the movie.