Indiana Jones' Diary

Name: Indiana Jones's Diary
Movie: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: Used the same technique of the Grail Diary. Indy's diary recounts Indiana Jones's history from 1908 (with a young Indy) until the end of the Cold War. All his adventures are accompanied by illustrations and various inserts. This diary tells of Indy's travels through "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles", through the 4 movies and also through games "Indiana Jones and the emperor's Tomb" and "Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis".
Details: - More than 300 pages of adventures told by Indiana Jones
- Cover representative an IBIS in relief, made in leather
- Over 25 inserts, all dating back to original documents of the time
- This diary measures about 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 1 1/2" (the exact measurements of the prop used in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)
- Very high details in every page
- High quality paper (104gsm)

Cover of Indiana Jones' Diary represented an ibis, symbol of the Egyptian God thoth
A young Indiana in one of his first adventures, accompanied by Lawrence of Arabia
A sketch by Pablo Picasso
A cabin used by Indy for a cover in the night
A new adventure for Indy... explore China
Indy meets for the first time a companion for his future adventures, Marcus Brody!
Ka's tomb
Young Indy in one of his adventures
A drawing of a map
The Mask of Camozotz
Indy's fear for these reptiles
A newspaper article that speaks of the Emperor's tomb
Sketches made by Indy after the adventure in the temple of doom
A drawing by Indy showing the Golden Idol
A letter from Sam Spade and sketch of the Maltese Falcon
The Grail Temple in the "last crusade"
A newspaper article thet speacks about Sophia Hapgood
Sophia Hapgood's medallion
The three stone disk for Atlantis
The Spear of Destiny
On the trail of "The Infernal Machine"