Grail Diary

Name: Grail Diary
Movie: Indiana Jones and the last crusade
Author: Marsella Pasquale (Sarednab)
Description: Henry Jones' Grail Diary is one of the most important objects of movies' productions. It appeared the first time in "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" and tells the story, the adventures, the discoveries and the dangers faced by Henry during his path to discover the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus Christ drank from during his last dinner.
This replica is an exact reproduction of the hero prop used in the film. It contains 282 pages, in the exact order and ream configuration as the original. .
Details: - The diary is wrapped in excellent workmanship leather cover, undergone hard process of ageing.
- 282 pages, like original prop
- Contains all 63 pages found in the hero prop
- High level details in each page
- High quality paper (104gsm) undergone good ageing process in 5 different phases
- Contains ALL 20 inserts of the original (including letters, maps and even the wrapping with postage stamps of Venice of the period and stamps of Venice city council)

Grail Diary and letters.
Genuine leather cover.
Genuine leather cover and some inserts.
The Omphalos in Jerusalem.
A half part of a map in the Diary.
The stained glass window in Venice that led Indy to the knight's tomb.
A map of the Dead Sea region.
Map of Arabia.
"X marks the spot..."
"Map of the mountain road".
Notes on Prestor John and Grail legends.
Prestor John, the Priest King.
Part of the Venice stained glass window.
One of the obstacles to the Grail.
Parts of a stained glass window.
Fragments of research leading to the Grail.
"This Wilderness of the Wanderings".
"Sword and Scroll".
Stained glass window showing Christ.
Sainte Chapelle and its relics.
"A Map With No Names".
Defenders of the Faith.
Henry's Crucifixion Painting.
Another page...
Alternate window of Christ.
Leap from the Lion's Head...
The Final Three Challenges of the Grail.
Alternative "Sword and Scroll".
Another "Map with no Names".
One map in Diary.
Another map in Diary.