Grail Diary

Name: Grail Diary
Movie: Indiana Jones and the last crusade
Author: Marsella Pasquale (Sarednab)
Description: Henry Jones' Grail Diary is one of the most important objects of movies' productions. It appeared the first time in "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" and tells the story, the adventures, the discoveries and the dangers faced by Henry during his path to discover the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus Christ drank from during his last dinner
The whole diary can be read like a tale, dated from 1899 till 1939.
Details: - The diary is wrapped in excellent workmanship leather cover, undergone hard process of ageing.
- More than 300 pages
- More than 200 drafts made by Henry that illustrate what he has found during his travel
- High level details in each page
- High quality paper (104gsm) undergone good ageing process in 5 different phases
- More than 35 inserts, including letters, article, maps and even the wrapping with postage stamps of Venice of the period and stamps of Venice city council

Grail Diary and wrapper. This contains replica italian stamps and Venice postmarks.
Genuine brown cow leather cover
Leather cover is carefully aged
A full color copy of the 1899 silver certificate.
Cross of Christ's Representation
Sainte Chapelle shrine with relics.
The bottom of a stained glass window.
A picture showing Henry and young Indy
"God is Love" and other map
The stained glass window in Venice
Two stained glass windows.
"Map of the mountain road", including Hitler's signature
Another window...
Stained glass window showing Christ.
Famous "map with no names"
Part of the Venice stained glass window.
Clues to passing the three trials.
The Third Trail.
Drawing of a sword
"X" Never indicates the point where digging...
The Tomb in Venice
The great Seal
Temple of Sun