The Goonies

All replicas you can see in these pictures are inspired from the movie "The Goonies"

Name: Chester Copperpot's Wallet
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: The Goonies also found Copperpot's wallet among his belongings. Shown below, this replica contains his driver's license and Lou Gehrig baseball card as shown in the film, but also contains an Astoria library card and three pieces of reproduction money from the time period. Everything, including the genuine leather wallet, is heavily aged to look like it has been lost underground for fifty years.
Name: Willy's Treasure Gold Coins
Author: Anthony "Indy" Magnoli
Description: Cast from one of the original props, this replica coin is a copy of the eight escudo doubloon showing the Crusader's Cross. These coins are cast in zinc alloy and gold plated with an antique finish.
Name: The Astoria Legend "newspaper"
Author: Jedifyfe
Description: This newspaper show an article that explain Chester Copperpot missing.
Name: Treasure Map
Author: RelicMaker
Description: This is a fantastic replica of the map seen in the movie. it is Hand-Aged paper with Burned Edges and Gold-Leaf Accent.
Name: Copper Bones
Author: RelicMaker
Description: This is a fantastic replica of the copper bones! It is HEAVY!!! Copper-Plated Metal Alloy with Real Patina.
Name: Doubloon
Author: RelicMaker
Description: High quality and detailed replica of the dubloon! It is brass-Plated Metal Alloy with Real Patina.
Name: Marble Bag
Author: Serenade
Description: Natural Chamois Leather bag with leather cords and Custom re-designed VECTORIAL logo of Marble King.
Name: 1/4 Scale "One-Eyed" Willie
Author: Hotshot
Description: Skull features a movable eye patch to view 'solid bone' underneath. Jaw opens and closes. Skull is resin, with foam filled cavity in the main piece. Skull attaches to base via metal rod and reinforced brass tube. Base is solid resin, with costume jewels, fuax pearls, and metal foiled gold nuggets. A faux velvet pad is attached to the bottom of the base to reduce scratches, as well as for cosmetic effect.
Name: One-Eyed Willie eye patch
Author: Wolfie
Description: Hand made with real leather cubic zirconium gemstones in .925 silver settings, faux half pearl in the center, and a real leather strap and aesthetic weathering and aging.