All replicas you can see in these pictures are inspired from the Ghostbusters' movies.

Name: Nomex Flight Suit
Author: hoobub
Description: This is a US Military Tan Nomex Pilots. This is the same used in the movie.
Name: No Ghost Patchs and Names Patchs
Author: Intergalactic and Italian User
Description: No Ghost Patch for both movies and personalized patch name.
Name: Pistol Belt and Key Chain Belts
Author: Multimediamayhem
Description: This is the pistol belts they must have used in Ghostbusters! This is khaki, and aged by BazzanoJones. There are also some semi accurate real leather key chains for the Pistol Belt.
Name: Electronic Circuit for the Pistol Belt
Author: BazzanoJones
Description: This fantastic circuit was made by italian prop-maker BazzanoJones. It is very accurate.
Name: Elbow Pads
Author: purpleclown64
Description: Ghostbusters grey elbow pads aged by BazzanoJones.
Name: Resin cast leg hose connector with hose and belt clip
Author: BazzanoJones
Description: This was made and aged by BazzanoJones! It includes leather clip with snap.
Name: Chemical Gloves
Author: Unknown
Description: Chemical Gloves similar to the ones the Ghostbusters used!
Name: Ghostbusters Invoice
Author: Unknown
Description: This is a replica of an invoice used by the Ghostbusters in the movie. It is signed by all the Ghostbusters actors!!!
Name: Venkman's Card
Author: Kurtoboy
Description: The cards Venkman uses for his electric shock ESP experiment plus his door hanger. All five cards seen in the movie are included. They are glossy on both sides and thick and sturdy at 520gsm.
Name: Door Hanger
Author: Kurtoboy
Description: This is the MAID doorhanger he has hanging on the door handle outside his office.
Name: Belt Gizmo Holster
Author: Rukawa86
Description: Belt Gizmo Holster for the Electronic Circuit.
Name: PKE Meter
Author: Mattel
Description: This is PKE used by Ghostbusters to find any ghost. Official replica by Mattel with light and sound.
Name: Ecto Goggles
Author: Hotshot
Description: Often seen on Ray Stantz's belt, the Ecto Goggles are designed to allow the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track PKE valences. The Ecto Goggles first appeared in the Sedgewick Hotel in the first Ghostbusters movie and were mainly worn by Ray. Egon and Peter did however wear them briefly in the montage.
Name: Ghost Trap
Author: Mattel
Description: This is an AMAZING replica for the Ghost Trap complete with all light and sound from the movie! Limited Edition!