Abner Ravenwood's Journal

Name: Abner Ravenwood's Journal
Movie: Indiana Jones and the raiders of the Lost Ark
Author: Marsella Pasquale (Sarednab)
Description: Abner Ravenwood's Journal appears in the movie "Indiana Jones and the raiders of the Lost Ark". It tells the story, the adventures, the discoveries and the dangers faced by Abner during his path to discover the Lost Ark, which contains the "Ten Commandments" used by Moses.
The whole diary can be read like a tale.
Details: - It has the distinctive red-linen binding with olive cover, complete with a rubber band.
- More than 240 pages, 120 are completed with text and drawings
- More than 40 drafts made by Abner that illustrate what he has found during his travel
- High level details in each page
- High quality paper (104gsm) undergone good ageing process in 5 different phases
- More than 15 inserts, including article and maps